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milliken in india and i'm an independent expired i'm going to keep one of them to be a newborn son ethan the young gentlemen depicting illness and minimum of the giving of a community than the one to be a legal one to be given to be. able. to get it as you can see. in the old regions of colombia the state fights all armed groups with the same zeal. that.
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the term positive is let's say a colombian one insisted it consists of assassinating a person. killing innocent victims from the city rejects on outcasts are enticed with job offers both legal and illegal they are quickly recruited recruited here taken to other areas of the country and murdered they take them from own region to another they dress them up as warriors after killing them like guerilla fighters i make it seem like they died in combat and i passed them off as fighters killed in battle then they tell us they were guerrillas who died in combat that's why they are known as positive. and i wasn't sure he was dead i was sitting right here when i asked my mother.
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replied they found. one who did he go off with. i thought he'd gone away with another woman but she told me he'd been found dead. but i said i couldn't believe it until i saw him i wouldn't believe it it's a lawless and. or form of torture but it is carried out according to this procedure therefore it's presented as a positive result but it conceals a breach of the law. was not positive those are killings committed by law enforcers. of the killings or past successes in the colombian internal conflict which the government denies and simply presents as a fight against terrorism. more. in december the coordinator of what tech a investigative police.
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informed me that something serious had happened to alexander. he said he wanted to see me. when we met he told me alexander had died on september seventeenth at five am. in chief. during a clash with the army. i think it's part of what i once called the tater ship of the positive within the police forces . that by that i mean that the instrument the barometer to measure the effectiveness and the results of the police forces is the number of positive all. the cases we have registered between january two thousand and seven and june two thousand and eight are five hundred thirty five unlawful executions reported to our organizations. at first there was
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a decree known as the cap to create relating to rewards for operations of national importance. and that. in other words troop members were given significant sums of money if they shot individuals who were thought to be guerrillas. and what the country wasn't told is that the when the decree was revoked a secret directive was a shoot that kept the same rewards for every enemy shot. so the soldiers have to achieve results their careers are sest according to performance if they've got nothing to show and they have to be created. i repeat to you the government's firm will to achieve a country without corellas about paramilitaries or drug trafficking or corruption.
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they gave me judges number of the josh was doing with the case and i contacted him but it was already late so i called him the following morning we arranged to meet the next day in the human rights office she was going to meet the representative and invited me to the meeting i said all right i went i gave my evidence and asked to see the photos she asked me why i wanted to see them i said i needed to be sure it was really him so he showed me them. i have this to two in my hand the letters c.n.n.
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which stand for can stands in the way or was she has the same to two here. alexander was a year older than me when he died he was thirty one. he suffered from a mental disease called bipolar affective disorder we had a son a young boy of my voice she showed me this tattoo. and i just felt that i wanted the ground to open up below and swallow me out. it was so tough. i just put my hands over my mouth and couldn't say anything. she came up to me to take back the photo book. defoe to source can't but i told him no sir i'm strong enough to look at them. there's a body. i disappeared from the neighborhood. at about four pm. he was killed the following day eleven hours later at about five am. it was found
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about one hundred sixty kilometers away. he left me the photos and i kept looking at them. to put an old rifle beside him. and i noticed he had a white t. shirt and a jacket that had given him. alexander was mentally ill he was never in the army he didn't know a thing about weapons and they had placed a machine gun beside a really powerful weapon. next to the other boy they put a less powerful gun even though he was good with weapons. he knew everything about weapons how could he have just an old rifle while alexander who was sick someone who had a few screws loose how could he have a machine gun. to kill them and they put weapons listen to them
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it's easy. was it wasn't. the case exploded precisely one month after the defense minister declared september ninth national human rights day. he also said that unlawful executions were practically over. the defense minister told us on september the ninth just over a month ago what follows some continue ignoring reality they try to sell a force who government policy regarding extrajudicial executions as their
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improperly called they use their numbers to do with police forces but when these reports are actually investigated nothing is ever found. in let's tembe or the events in so archer were revealed. these events unearthed the truth that can no longer be hidden. cases of young people disappearing in so watch them found murdered in. in the sometime dare region of. were published. and. it was the last straw. the reports made public the overwhelming natural
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reality of positive and extrajudicial killings was. many people didn't believe. it started to become clear that it wasn't just isolated cases but a model the scandal showing the full of trustee of the false positives case finally exploded. i had the opportunity of presenting the problem to president to rebel on various occasions in the past and the washing both in private and in meetings in washington and then. he never wanted to discuss the issue. he would get angry and nervous whenever it was raised. it would discredit it as an international smear campaign. has a new strategy. every time a warrior is shot dead it is immediately clear at home and abroad. that it
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was an extrajudicial execution. yet to. be at the seafront must be a has the largest number of murders of union members in the world simply because they were doing their job that. is the colombian state for peculiar store calls and sociological reasons as slowly turned into a criminal apparatus for the middle east at the very least for the whole institutions of the states have taken on this form. first through torture then with the desaparecidos but the creation of higher military groups that turned into
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a strategy which has had the form of a very strong national structure for my goodness when i lived with this this then the practice of extrajudicial executions and forced displacement. that's for the forms of social control and such an elitist and all sorts hereon country and in such a polarized society turns violence into a tool or regularize ation. was. released local room beyond the state of colombia has generated policies that favor
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a massive systematic violation of human rights. bia has very serious deficit as far as justice is concerned in general rule in colombia is impunity. for the policies of secure a data democratica which propelled this government are founded on the militarization of society in other words on the growth of the war machine and the colombian army has grown rapidly in the last few years it has doubled in strength because of the armed struggle in the country so there is a whole range of controls and internal systems we believe ought to be reformed and improved it is also characterized by the creation of a secret police which persecutes opponents so as to turn the paramilitary groups into a structure so even if they have been apparently disbanded they will continue to operate very intensely controlling a good part of the national territory. if they call me and i reply i am
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a colombian in the security democratic is a good thing a problem is that there are bad elements in the army in the police and in other bodies they aren't applying the law as they should what's wrong with a secure a dab democratica is the rewards given to servicemen when they turn up with the positive also. being. the rewards policy is necessary to fight crime. but we really should revise our policy. if we don't it is either interpreted wrongly or fulfilled in a criminal manner in india is in the middle of the more people that are shot the more convenient it is for a military unit or individual soldier because it allows them to get home leave to go and see their mothers and girlfriends but it also allows them to advance in their careers to win the respect of other service men. it helps gain decorations
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and it often wins them rewards in cash which also end up in the hands of civilians recruiters of these young men and of some service men.
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but it was then i first took part because of a neighbor of mine. is name was fabulous son one son tiago. my job was to go around bars with him to help sell cocaine what you see on january third or fourth two thousand and seven zero asked me for the first time to help him take a bunch of young guys someplace. when we got there we got a call from the army i didn't know it was for the army i only found out there and then but those kids were for the army that. would look easy when you first. rumors going around the neighborhood about these guys say they get the money straight out of the hands of the army people they deliver the kids to. school with
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the wooden americans the army buys them like merchandise or fabio would give me four hundred six hundred or seven hundred per person leave me a mine just over there. a friend came looking for him at about five thirty pm the landlady asked him who you looking for he answered with a blond kid leaned out of the small window on the second floor and came out with a standard somewhere in the park talked for a while and then left that was the last time anyone saw him. look at. what they were saying in the bars was that they would give you two million pesos for every kid. you just have to convince them by promising a job and simply take them out of town and hand them over to the army. they say he'd been offered to pay eight hundred thousand passes plus board and lodging. we went there to pick up two kids. it was about seven or eight pm and there was an
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army lorry waiting for us. and we got out of the taxi with the kids would be a went over to speak with the army guys while the two kids waited. and then just the two of us got back into the taxi and headed back to. and as we know they ended up lying in a field somewhere armed and dead. and it was good for business too because if they shot dead an enemy. the soldiers would get home leave and then we could sell them coke. so we'd get two deals for the price of one. you know. that's what these people were saying in the bars. because they are people without ordinary feelings. they just go around telling people how they sold them
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and how much they made. when they have got no problem telling you what happens to these kids. the procedure was always the same. thing to i can you know and when the order came from the battalion to deliver them would hand them over to the army. after they got in touch with actor and they told me i had to go to iraq to stop custody prestigious to get custody of the body wants to give us new to some to
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leave very we went to recover the bodies. once they gave us notice of delivery we went to recover the bodies. which. we left at half past three in the morning. to go to the human rights office.
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we got a barbacoa at about nine am. there they gave us their medical examination papers for my brother alexander. delic sound a little and for no beryl the other young man who died with him. at the medical examination office they gave us the death certificate and the woman who was the medical examiner there were cold war. so they'd give us the bodies with thought that if we did arrive in time look at have buried them in bogota the same day as. if they'd injured him because what i got is that they hit him with one or two bullets. and on the death certificate it says death do you just several gunshots. out of the
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most saddest part of the story was when nobody arrows mom asked me the meaning of death by acute hemorrhage like anemia. because she didn't understand them and. i thought the clearest thing to say was that they bled to death. at cute humor ranjit and they mia we asked what it was and they said they bled to death both of them actors brother and. you know and they died so close to the hospital in the city it wouldn't. being logical for the army people themselves even if they were real criminals take them to the hospital to try and rescue them but instead they left them to die like dogs in the middle of a field. why did they leave them to bleed to death because it was more worthwhile the tway it was worthwhile to let them die so they could show them off as upon some suppose it evokes.
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the least sleaze. if.
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in india oh geez available in the movie the joint the hotel rooms the villains the gateway hotel room the brandon pier and truly the george weston to score a loan deal you can to let her till till she was good to see don't have to go and publicly and runs assume the kernel was her job as used to retreat. where the police if the police were hit you think that would have been done i don't think that doing everything they can and i don't mean
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a single pilot i think they need to be more pompous and. massive austerity cuts in the government's budget policies are blamed for losing control of the streets after four nights of violence in the u.k. . prime minister david cameron we calls parliament to deal with the crisis i'm in london with more. in other news china could top a list of the world's strongest economies pushing the u.s. off and century old seat within five years that's amid speculation france is next in line for a downgrade. and activists in russia take matters into their own hands when it comes to catching pedophiles who escaped justice as current sex crimes are slammed for being inadequate.

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